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Intelligent Transformation Technology

for headrests and armrests

Intelligent Transformation Technology:
Fine, quiet, crease-free and powerful for headrests and armrests

Designers currently specifically focus on separately padded, adjustable headrests. The fine, quiet transformation of these headrests is achieved with our upholstered joints series of CA 36 with high-quality chrome finish with an extremely compact pivoting point and completely encapsulated mechanism - of course optionally equipped with overload protection. In addition, a clearly noticeable release point improves the application. Defined positions can be ensured by using an optional torsion spring.

There is also a solution if the upholstery seat and armrest comes in one piece: the new headrest adjustment DA 19 which significantly reduces creases on the finished furniture. Silver-grey elegant levers complete the picture.

Still important: the crease-free, quiet adjustment of headrests with upholstery joints, which feature a larger swivel range, specially designed for relaxing backrests. Thus one can lie down comfortably, and with just a smooth adjustment of the fitting, one can still ergonomically watch TV, read or work on the tablet.

The well-established range of CA 25 joints has been reworked and improved for noise reduction. Therefore, the well-known and proven function corresponds to an important trend in the furniture industry.

Our upholstery joints with the combination of ratchet and infinitely variable friction (integrated overload protection) have already been presented to customers. Due to the positive feedback, the product series CA 05 (compact, light version for headrests) and CA 07 (strong version for armrests) with various individual mounting parts now extend the range for the upholstered furniture industry.

The new heavy-duty upholstery joint CA 41 is the highlight for all designers who want to create sofas that focus on a modern design but still want to realise an adjustment for back- and armrests which is characterised by slimline upholstery structures and flat frame profiles. A modern couch with high adjustable backs or long armrests – easy to do with the new upholstered joint from Lusch with a load capacity of 400 Nm each.

Intelligent Transformation Technology
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