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Lusch Motor System

Precision, made in Germany

Lusch Motor System: Precision, made in Germany, also UL-certified

If you are looking for successful US business, you are on the safe side with the in-house motor range from Lusch. Because the high-quality actuator is also UL-certified in combination with the switched-mode power supply with integrated plug.

In addition, the perfect interplay of the components is guaranteed, since the motor system is produced in-house, and power and speed optimally match the requirements of the fitting technology.

The Lusch sales support will select the right motor components and operating elements for the individual fittings. Rely on the all-in-one and UL-certified motor range from Lusch to create the best possible conditions for the “American Way of Life”!

Lusch Motor System
Lusch Motor System1
Lusch Motor System2