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Engineering made in Germany

Technical highlights – Engineering made in Germany

overload protection
Broken upholstery elements, armrests or headrests can become a problem when overloaded, unless you rely on the various adjustment technologies that Lusch has to offer. This technique is used in a number of upholstery joints. If a certain holding force is exceeded, the fitting simply moves on without being damaged.

Defined release position
Convertible headrests or armrests offer a lot of comfort. The transformation behind the head or to the side of the body can sometimes be difficult to handle. If at a precisely defined point the 0-position of the catch is noticeable and the new position can be chosen easily - that means more comfort.

Return spring
Smooth transformation is the key feature of all functions. But smooth operation can also cause problems. Especially when the upholstery cover made of exclusive fabric or high-quality leather causes tension at the pivot point and does not hold an adjusted position of an armrest or headrest. For this purpose there are spring units for different upholstery joints to prevent it. This ensures that the desired position is always set and held easily by spring force.

Functionality meets Zeitgeist
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