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Sitting, lying and relaxing comfortably begins with us

Maximum comfort for all generations

Innovation Production Experience

More than 75 years of experience in the development, production and efficient series production of functional fittings and construction elements for the upholstered furniture industry and other industrial sectors where intelligent function is important.

Demand-oriented development
Our internal organisational structures are geared to rapid coordination, from application advice on possible fitting functions, their individual adaptation to your product visions to the subsequent series production. Take advantage of short distances - develop your upholstered furniture with us!    

Optimum market launch
Realise your projects in a target-oriented and timely manner. The implementation is geared to your quantity requirements, whether prototypes, small or large series - we adapt ourselves adequately to your market requirements. We combine the greatest possible flexibility with consistent quality awareness so that you can rely completely on your functional fittings.

Proven series supply
With our know-how in the application of quantity-optimised production technology, such as the use of flatbed or punching lasers and rational follow-on composite punching technology, partially and fully automated assembly technology and experienced employees with many years of experience, we ensure stable customer supply in perfect quality.

For decades, our product policy has always focused on the innovative development of fittings for the upholstered furniture industry, creating a product portfolio for all applications.
The market continues to develop- and so do we!