For design oriented sofabeds

Turn your favourite sofa into your favourite bed

Functional fittings for sofabeds and unit ranges with closed front


BC 14

The highest sitting, sleeping and operating comfort for design oriented sofabeds

Extension made easy: easily turn your favourite sofa into your favourite bed

  • fixed seat and back, sleeping comfort out of a drawer
  • sofa design is independent from the bed function
  • seat height = sleeping height
  • easy operation by spring support
  • legs fold out automatically
  • floor castors with soft surface
  • comfortable sleeping on ticking
  • front blind in two heights possible


BC 14 product video




adjustmentunitarticle TDB
manual, for blind height 275 mmsetBC 14-00 PDF Download
manual, for blind height 230 mmsetBC 14-05 PDF Download


BC 14
crossbarunitarticle TDB
width, 700 mmpce.KX 34-00 PDF Download
width, 1200 mmpce.KX 34-01 PDF Download
width, 1400 mmpce.KX 34-02 PDF Download
width, 1600 mmpce.KX 34-03 PDF Download
BC 14
crossbarunitarticle TDB
width, 700 mmpce.MP 42-00 PDF Download
width, 1200 mmpce.MP 42-01 PDF Download
width, 1400 mmpce.MP 42-02 PDF Download
width, 1600 mmpce.MP 42-03 PDF Download
BC 14
tension spring
2 pcs. per seat frame
unitarticle TDB
for light upholsterypce.PD 20-53 PDF Download
for heavy upholsterypce.PD 20-56 PDF Download
BC 14
additional centre support for wide framesunitarticle TDB
for blind height 275 mmpce.KP 14-10 PDF Download
for blind height 230 mmpce.KP 14-15

Assembly instruction BC 14