Headrest adjustments without fabric creases

    With tooth catch

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Upholstery joints for headrests
tooth catch 


Upholstery joint CA 14

with tooth catch for headrest adjustments without fabric creases
  • tooth catch 22.5°
  • covered teeth
  • with automatic axis extension for headrest adjustments without fabric creases
  • with friction catch in starting position
  • with brackets and levers for all assembly situations



starting positionpositionsfinal position incl. release anglefriction catch starting positionreturn springaxis extension mmtorque Nm / setunitarticle TDB
90°6222.5°3090setCA 14-66 PDF Download
90°6222.5°3090setCA 14-67 PDF Download
90°6222.5°5090setCA 14-68 PDF Download
90°6222.5°3090setCA 14-86 PDF Download
90°6222.5°5090setCA 14-87 PDF Download
90°7245°5090setCA 14-91
90°6222.5°50150setCA 14-25
114°6246.5°50150setCA 14-26