With infinitely variable friction

    Upholstery joints for arm- and headrests

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Upholstery joints for arm- and headrests
infinitely variable friction 


Upholstery joint CA 10

with infi nitely variable friction for arm- and headrest adjustment
  • for a jointed connection of wooden frames or rectangular tubes Ø 22 x 1.8 mm
  • variable mounting. All desired positions 90°, 180° etc. will be achieved infinitely variable
  • optimised friction technology
  • with brackets and levers for all assembly situations



for steel tube Ø 22 x 1.8 mm mounting
for headrests
torque Nmunitarticle TDB
approx. 9pce.CA 10-32 PDF Download
approx. 11.5pce.CA 10-33 PDF Download
approx. 19.5pce.CA 10-31 PDF Download
for wooden frame mounting
for headrests, low strain | for armrests, medium strain
torque Nmunitarticle TDB
approx. 4.5pce.CA 10-46 PDF Download
approx. 6pce.CA 10-47 PDF Download
approx. 9pce.CA 10-48 PDF Download
approx. 12pce.CA 10-45 PDF Download
approx. 13.5pce.CA 10-70 PDF Download
approx. 19.5pce.CA 10-43 PDF Download