A large variety of design options

    Numerous functions and combinations

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Functional fittings for chairs, swivel chairs and multiseaters with ground clearance 

Lounge and relax function, wall-away concept

A large variety of design options: Numerous functions and combinations turn freeline lounge into a universal solution which doesnʼt leave any wishes unfulfilled when it comes to lounging and relaxing. This wall-away solution with a variable front blind is compatible with the freeline range.

  • for wall-away relaxing chairs and multiseaters with ground clearance
  • combination of seats with or without function possible in multiseaters
  • for manual or motorised adjustable chairs and multiseaters
  • combined adjustment of backrest, seat and footrest
  • motorised chair with rechargeable battery available
  • wooden or metal frames for seat and back possible
  • all from one source: mechanism and motor system perfectly compatible
  • motor system UL- rated

  • adjustment of headrest without fabric creases for low backs
  • motorized headrest adjustment