Relaxing in longchair-style

    Solitary or as part of the corner unit 

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Functional fittings for longchairs with ground clearance 

Wall-away concept, motorised “knee bend” relax function

Solitary or as part of the seating ensemble: the wall-away and ground clearance longchair option optimises the design possibilities the freeline program offers. Tired legs can rest at the click of a button with the motorised “knee bend” function: the freeline longchair invites you to relax!

  • a perfect reclining comfort for all body sizes
  • wall-away longchair function with ground clearance matching the freeline series
  • adjustable by motor
  • combined adjustment of back, seat and reclining area
  • ideal for modern low back design on high legs
  • perfect relaxation by ergonomic leg position
  • all from one source: mechanism and motor system perfectly compatible
  • motor system UL-rated

  • adjustment of headrest without fabric creases for low backs
  • motorised headrest adjustment


freeline longchair
back and seat adjustment for wall-away longchairs
adjustmentmotorisedwidth mmunitarticle TDB
combined1 motor535setAA 52-23 PDF Download
combined1 motor635setAA 52-24 PDF Download
combined1 motor785setAA 52-19 PDF Download
combined1 motor885setAA 52-18 PDF Download


freeline longchair
cross barwidth mmunitarticle TDB
for wooden backframes535pce.MP 36-10 PDF Download
for wooden backframes635pce.MP 36-12 PDF Download
for wooden backframes785pce.MP 36-13 PDF Download
for wooden backframes885pce.MP 36-14 PDF Download