Maximum comfort for all generations

    Ease in modern and transparent design

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Functional fittings for swivel chairs with ground clearance 

Innovative accents for swivel chairs with ground clearance and rise function, variable seat heights and depths

Maximum comfort for all generations: a large lying area, variable seat heights and depths as well as an optional rise function is what makes the multifunctional fi tting fi ligrano II special. The open armrest reflect its modern and transparent design.

  • motorlift with concealed drive technology
  • separate adjustment of back, seat, footrest and motorlift
  • 3 diff erent seat depths, 2 diff erent seat heights
  • multiple design options with adjustable back heights and various back shapes
  • for manual or motorised adjustable swivel chairs
  • motorlift with swivel lock
  • new seat width for ideal proportions
  • integrated headrest adjustment
  • rechargeable battery with deep discharge protection
  • no power consumption in standby mode
  • individual back shapes on request

filigrano II product video