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Functionality meets Zeitgeist:
New Functional Fitting Solutions for Lounging and Relaxing

The newly developed functional fittings filigrano lounge and freeline lounge not only inspire the ideas of furniture designers with their first-class, versatile base, but also invite anyone to lounge and relax with their highly comfortable offer.

filigrano lounge is the further development of the modern design fitting for relaxing chairs on swivel discs or stars which is now available for multi-seaters in widths of up to one meter per seat. filigrano lounge offers excellent seating comfort on all seats, an ideal seat height, a large lying area as well as a cantilever design chassis without support foot.

freeline lounge, always with a motor – always comfortable, is the innovative answer to the “wall away” trend. The freeline with a new foot rest featuring a front blind is the functional fitting for comfortable lounge furniture. The motors are TÜV-certified and of course UL-certified for your US business!!
Functionality meets Zeitgeist
Functionality meets Zeitgeist1