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The wiser head gives in: overload protected armrests and headrests

Who would not have experienced this? Get a glimpse over your partner´s shoulder and get seated on the armrest of your sofa. The unpleasant noise of the breaking armrest puts an end to the conversation and quite often leads to a reclamation of the end user who doesn´t care about how to use his sofa properly.

With a simple and at the same time brilliant solution the experts for functional fittings at Lusch have reduced reclamations and satisfied their customers. A new generation of upholstery joints guarantees the extra comfort adjustable arm- and headrests offer on modern upholstered furniture:

The main attraction is an overload protection, which gives way when the load becomes too high.

The intelligent solution, designed by Lusch, can be used the conventional way: The position can be adjusted as required and be changed simply by moving the mechanism in the desired direction. If the user sits down on the adjusted armrest accidentally it will give way when a certain load is reached. It just moves down in to the starting position. Damages of the furniture and its components are impossible.

The first mechanisms with overload protection have been presented to some customers last year already. Due to the strong demand and the positive feedback the product series CA05 (light version for headrests) and CA07 (strong version for armrests) are now available for the upholstered furniture industry in general.