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Sitting, lying and relaxing comfortably begins with us

We are based in Bielefeld (Germany), but we are at home all over the world.

Since more than 70 years we have been developing functional fittings for upholstered furniture and beds with great passion.

The systematic orientation to the wishes of our customers has made us a recognized partner of the upholstered furniture industry. We offer maximum flexibility combined with a consistent quality awareness, our concept of being a leading system manufacturer.

Back then as well as today we strive to realize individual versatility. The Lusch range of products therefore offers all the possibilities you want for your upholstered furniture. Our relax and comfort functions complement each other and harmonize perfectly together no matter if they are manual or motorized or if they are for single or combined use.

Over the decades we have started trends over and over again and thus influenced the design of upholstered furniture with great enthusiasm and enjoyment of creativity and innovation.

Here at Lusch functionality meets the spirit of the times.