“Click” system with great ground clearance

    Assembly and disassembly without any tools

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Functional fittings for chairs, swivel chairs and multiseaters
with ground clearance 

Ground clearance up to 140 mm, easy, space-saving transport

Better assembled with the “click”: trendline smart makes it possible to transport sophisticated functional furniture in space-saving, lightweight packages. At the same time the innovative “click” system optimises the proven trendlinefamily
comfort with great ground clearance for smooth looking high-quality furniture.

  • for manual or motorised adjustable chairs, swivel chairs and multiseaters
  • with ground clearance up to 140 mm
  • seat depth and reclining area with spacious reclining comfort for all body sizes
  • combined or separate adjustment of back- and footrest
  • functional chassis completely preassambled
  • metal seat and backframes with patented click-fi ttings, adapter plates for armrest
  • small and lightweight packing units
  • improved protection during transport
  • all from one source: mechanism and motor system perfectly compatible
  • motorised swivel chair with rechargeable battery available